The Wedding Planner Hong Kong 婚禮統籌師2/F, 15th North Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong5118 0849The Wedding Planner Hong Kong 婚禮統籌師,event planningUltimately, if you want to have a special event, you may want to follow some needs for customization to "my wedding plans". Photography can be done by a family member, so there is no portio… Read More

In such instances it's a good idea to leave the job to a professional wedding planner who'd guarantee that everything runs smoothly, thereby saving your time and permitting you to address other critical issues like attending the guests and participating in the essential ceremonies, wherever your presence is critical. Many couples are so busy with … Read More

Wedding Planner - Dead or Alive? If you've got the opportunity to see your visitors or even if you must call every one of them, ask each guest whether they are coming or not. In instance, you select a multi-day wedding, but don't wish to invite children whatsoever and not offer childcare too, then many guests may not come and will be concurrentl… Read More